Staples: I’ll get the same deal as my mom if I buy Staples, says Staples CEO

If you are a mom and want to save money on your Staples gift cards, Staples says you will get the exact same deal you would get if you bought them online.

Staples said it will be giving customers the same $50 off the purchase price of Staples gift card purchases through March 3, 2017, if they are using Staples’ Photo & Prints service, Photo & Printing Plus, or Staples’ Prints Plus service.

The same offer applies to the Staples gift-card purchases through July 1, 2017.

Staples will also offer the same offer to all customers who purchase Staples giftcards through

Staples’ parent company, Walgreens, has also announced a new Staples giftcard offer.

You can redeem gift cards for up to $1,000 worth of merchandise.

The new offer applies only to Staples’ Staples Gift Cards service, not its Photo &Prints Plus or PrintsPlus services.

Staples also will give customers the $50 discount if they purchase Staples’ products through Staples’ online store.

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