Amazon: We will never print money again

The Associated Press | The Associated States via Getty Images Amazon (AMZN) has agreed to pay $200 million to settle claims by workers who say they were cheated out of overtime pay and other benefits.

The settlement was announced Friday by the U.S. Justice Department and the Labor Department, which is investigating a series of alleged workplace violations at Amazon warehouses.

It also included $100 million in payment to workers, who were fired and have sued the online retailer.

Amazon has not yet commented on the settlement.

In April, Amazon agreed to compensate about 2,000 workers in its warehouses who were terminated after filing lawsuits accusing it of not paying overtime or other benefits in violation of federal labor law.

In October, Amazon settled a similar class-action lawsuit filed by more than 100 former workers who were dismissed from Amazon warehouses after the company said they were not paid overtime or overtime benefits.

The company said it would pay them as well as $3 million to their former employers.

The Justice Department’s civil rights division is investigating the allegations in the settlement, which included more than 1,000 allegations of wage theft, retaliation, and other violations.