How to print an image with the new #DigitalPillows app

In a move that might surprise some of the millions of people using the app, the New York Times is planning to launch a new website to help consumers get started with digital pillows.

The paper’s digital pillow website will launch this month, with an app for iOS and Android to help people customize their pillows with a digital picture. 

The NYT will launch the new website on April 24.

The NYT says it will not be a traditional newspaper website.

The site will include digital pillowing templates and other tips and information, including the following: The app will also include a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a digital pillow. 

“Our goal is to make pillows that are simple to put together,” the NYT said in a statement.

“By giving people the tools they need to get started, we hope to empower people to design and create their own personalized pillow.” 

The New York Post launched the first version of its digital pillow app in November.

The Post said at the time that it was launching a tool that would allow people to print pillows on paper and that users could “print a digital image of their pillow to print on a digital sheet.”

The new NYT pillow app is similar to the one launched by the Post’s sister publication, the Associated Press, which has also launched an app that lets users customize their own pillows to make them more personal.

The AP app lets users print a picture of their pillow on paper to print a digital copy. 

Some other major news organizations are also offering digital pillOWs.

NBC News announced earlier this month that it would launch a digital pillowed pillow app for Android and iOS. 

NBC is also partnering with digital designer, designer, and entrepreneur Matt Stoll to launch an app on the NYT’s digital pillow website that will let users print an original photo of their own pillow.