Google-owned Sprocket printer to print a pair of leopard print sneakers

Google has said it is exploring a new printer to make leopard prints for the next generation of shoes.

The company said on Monday that it had signed a deal with Italian firm Sprocket to create a printer that can print leopard shoes with “sport-inspired” patterns, which will eventually be available in the US and the UK.

Google said it had previously worked with Sprocket on a “Leopard print” shoe that it says is “in a class of its own”.

It has already signed a number of partnerships with brands like Adidas, Nike and Under Armour.

It has also said it will soon start producing shoes for other brands and has already started manufacturing some for Apple and the US military.

“This partnership will help us deliver our products to consumers faster, to support our mission of enabling the world to have the best of both worlds,” said Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, in a statement.

The shoe would be printed on an “environmentally friendly 3D printing platform”, according to Sprocket.

The technology could be used to produce shoes with the latest technology such as high-quality materials or custom-tailored materials, the company said.

Sprocket’s shoes would be made using the company’s proprietary inkjet technology, which has already been used to print other products such as shoes for fashion designers.

The shoes will be produced at a plant in the Italian city of Bologna.

Google is the world’s biggest online retailer, with about 80 million users.

It owns about 70 per cent of Google Shopping, which is also known as Google+, a marketplace that lets users shop for products and services through Google.

Google also owns the popular video-sharing site YouTube, where the company has a strong grip on the video-share industry.

Google declined to comment on Sprocket when asked about its plans.

“We’re exploring the possibility of collaborating with Sprockets printer technology to create innovative shoes,” said Dan Hesse, a spokesperson for Google.

“It’s a great way to share technology with our partners and get creative with the shoes they make.”