Metal Photo Prints Made from Paper From ‘The Hunger Games’ Part II’

Metal Photo Paper is now available online, from a company called Paper From The Hunger Games.

The company makes the paper to print out your favorite images from the hit video game franchise, the latest installment of which is set to hit theaters in November.

You can see the printable images below:A poster of the poster above.

A poster of a poster of another poster.

The poster is printed on a large piece of paper with a glossy finish, which makes it a bit of a pain to remove from the printer when you want to print something else.

Paper From the Hunger Games is available at Amazon and other retailers for $20.

The first poster came out in January of 2016, and the second one came out this week.

Paper from the Hunger Series can be purchased on Amazon, as well.

The printable print of the second poster was recently posted to the website of the indie video game developer, Studio Wildcard.

You’ll need to get creative to make your own poster of your favorite characters, but you can find a tutorial video to help you out.

Source: Vice News