Lexmark printer and the word “tiger” – BBC News

By now you probably know that Lexmark is the world’s largest maker of printers.

In the late 80s, Lexmark bought the printers division of IBM, but the deal was cut after the company’s stock price crashed.

So in 2000, Lexmarks printers went to a rival company called Naxos.

NaxOS produced the first Lexmark printers, but it was also bought by Lexmark in 2007.

Natsons printers still use Lexmark’s technology, and the company also manufactures the Lexmark T-1000.

Now Lexmark has acquired Naxons printers.

That means the company has a huge competitor in Lexmark, with a lot more competition in the print world.

The deal is worth $8.3bn. 

But what makes this deal particularly interesting is that Lexmarks technology has been used for more than 25 years.

And Lexmark says that the deal will help it to “make significant strategic investments in the future.”

That’s important, because Lexmark wants to sell the patents to a company called Semiconductor Group. 

The deal comes a week after Lexmark acquired Napsprint for $2bn.

The Napsprite is a type of printer that uses Lexmark technology.

That gives Napspace more than 30 years of experience in making printers.

And now, Lexmas is hoping to get some of that experience back with its purchase of Napsprints, which it bought from Naxoms printers in 2016. 

I’m glad that Napspress has come back.

That was a great investment.

The reason why I like the deal is that it gives us a good number of years of technology experience, and we want to make significant strategic investment in the years to come.

So that’s going to be a huge boon to the industry.