How to use an iPad Pro to print photos, videos and more

By Alex Kipnis/Associated PressApple announced a new app for its iPad Pro tablet, iPad Pro Camera, on Monday that allows users to print and save photos, video and more from apps like iPhoto and Photos app on the device.

The app is called iPrint, and it lets users take photos, draw on the screen or write on the paper with the iPad Pro’s stylus.

It allows users the ability to create and print their own photo frames and then share them with friends and family members.

The app also lets users download and print images and videos from iCloud, the cloud storage service.

The ability to print out an image file, print the image in a single image file or add multiple images in a file allows users a ton of possibilities.

Apple also said it is adding support for multiple photos in an image that is being scanned by the iPad camera.

Users can now create multiple images for the same photo in iPrint and share them across multiple devices.iPrint is available now for free.