When Apple’s iPhone 6 arrives, it’s gonna cost you $7,999

Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are both available in the US today.

The phones are priced at $799 and $719, respectively.

That means they’ll cost you about $749 in the States and $699 in Canada.

If you don’t already own an iPhone 6, the $699 price tag is actually a bit steep.

That said, Apple’s selling the phones at a very reasonable price, which makes it the best deal around.

It’s still $649 for the 5.5-inch model, $629 for the 6.2-inch version, and $539 for the smaller 6.3-inch.

That’s a price advantage that’s likely to change.

But it’s also worth noting that Apple is not shipping the larger iPhone 6 in the United States.

It will instead ship in Canada, where the 6S is available at a $499 price tag.

There’s also the added bonus of the larger phone’s lower price tag, so you’ll save $20 on the 5S and $30 on the 6 if you already own a bigger iPhone.

The biggest reason to purchase an iPhone is its camera, which has a sensor of 10 megapixels.

The iPhone 6 is the first smartphone to come with a rear camera of that size, but you can use a 6 or 6 Plus as a front camera if you want.

The phone comes with a 16 megapixel front camera, a 13 megapixel rear camera, and an 8 megapixel main camera.

Apple’s been offering the larger camera for a while now, and its an upgrade from the smaller 16 megapixel camera that’s found on the iPhone 6.

It also makes for a more useful smartphone if you’re looking for a phone that has the ability to take photos that will stand out from the crowd.

That being said, it comes with the added benefit of being able to take better shots.

A lot of people have taken the plunge to upgrade to the iPhone XS or XS Max, but the iPhone cameras aren’t that great.

It can take some photos that are pretty impressive, but there’s not a ton of noise or color accuracy.

The quality of the iPhone camera is also a bit disappointing, as it often has to be used in combination with a separate camera module.

This makes it difficult to control how you shoot.

That is, you can shoot in a way that will produce a good amount of noise without getting a nice high-quality image, but it will also make it difficult for people to focus on your subject when you’re moving around.

You can’t use the iPhone 5s camera to take a picture with the iPhone’s new 16 megacyl pixel sensor, either.

That camera’s an older, third-generation sensor that has an aperture of f/2.2 and a digital depth of about 1.3 meters.

That sensor is capable of producing high-res photos, but they don’t do a very good job of capturing the details of your scene.

You’ll need to use a separate app for that, too.

But if you use the camera on an iPhone that doesn’t have a 16-megapixel camera, it’ll capture photos that look like a high-resolution shot.

That might not be ideal for you, though.

The best way to get the best possible photo is to use the front-facing camera on the front of the phone.

That will give you a lot of detail in your photos.

The front-mounted camera can be used to capture more detail than the front camera of the older iPhones, but that’s just not the case with the new phones.

The bottom line: If you’re an iPhone user, you should probably pick up a new phone.

It might be a little expensive, but if you need the best camera and want to take great photos, the iPhone is probably the best phone to buy.