How to check your 3D printer’s print speed

On Monday, the US Department of Energy announced that it would be providing $1.6 million to the University of Washington to develop a new 3D printing platform for research and development, The Seattle Times reports.

The research, which is being conducted at the school by the University’s Office of Science, aims to advance the research and develop technologies that can be used to print and inspect complex objects on a 3D printed surface.

The platform is designed to allow researchers to quickly and easily scan and print objects in real-time on the material that they’re working on, and then check the results, using software to verify whether they are correct or not.

The DOE is the only federal agency that funds this type of research at universities, which typically fund the research by either funding the lab that develops the printer, or funding the research at a private lab.

The agency has also funded the research of NASA, but not with the money allocated to it, according to The Washington Post.

In addition to the $1 million from the DOE, the University has received another $1,500,000 from the Office of Naval Research to support the research.

This funding is meant to support additional research in the area of 3D-printed object scanners and other 3D sensing devices.