‘Wedding Day’ TV Series Is a Couple’s Dream: ‘CVS’

WEDDING DAY: THE TV SHOW That You’ve Always Wanted to See, but Never Had the Time, is coming back to CBS this fall with a special broadcast.

The network announced Wednesday that the new show, titled WEDDNIGHT, will air on Sundays at 11 p.m. and repeats on CBS Television Studios.

It is a CBS Television Special, which means it will not air on traditional networks, but will instead air on the network’s cable channels, including CBS, CBS All Access, CBS Digital, and CBS All in the Family.

It will also air on CBS Sports Network, the network that airs college football.

The series will also feature a new musical score and the first two episodes will air in early 2018.

A teaser trailer for the show is available below.

“The new show that’s coming to CBS is a couple’s dream: CVS, a place where you can print pictures of your favorite pets, and where they can be printed,” says CBS Entertainment President Mark Pedowitz.

“When you print a picture of a pet, you can get a picture on the screen that’s never been printed before.

We’re excited to bring this to our network this fall.”

WEDNIGHT will air a mix of episodes.

It was originally slated to air in 2017, but was delayed until the beginning of 2018 to make room for a new show on the schedule.

Pedowitz says he is excited to see the show return.

“I can’t wait to watch it again, because it’s such a wonderful show,” he said.

The premiere episode will air at 11:15 p.p.m., but Pedowitz said the show will also be available on the CBS Television Network.

“We’re not going to be limiting ourselves to airing only one episode,” he added.

The first episode of WEDDENIGHT, titled “I’m A Lion,” will air Tuesday, August 11.

It has an 11-minute premiere and will be available for streaming on the PBS channel and CBS Sports app.

It features footage of an animal and its owner and will feature a special guest appearance by Jennifer Aniston.

The show also features a new music score and an introduction by the band Pink Cheetah.

“Weddenday is the most important day of the year for pet owners.

It’s the day you finally get to meet your forever best friend and meet your beautiful new love.

The only question is, will you be able to meet him or her this year?” the band sings.

“It’s not often that you meet a real human, but this is the day when we meet your perfect animal,” said WEDNDEST guitarist Matt DeCoster.

“To have the opportunity to perform with the band on WEDNESDAY will make us proud, and we will never stop fighting for this day.

We know you’re ready to celebrate and are already looking forward to seeing your family.”

The premiere of WENTDNIGHT airs Tuesday, October 6 at 9 p. m. on CBS All-Access.

It includes footage of a new dog and its owners, and will air later on CBS.

It stars Aniston as Judy, a dog who loves her owner, and her dog, Dolly, as her best friend.

WEDDERDIGHT will be airing on the CW channel on Monday, October 15.


The first time I saw Judy and Dolly,” says Judy.

“Now they are my best friends.”

“The CW channel will also have a premiere of CVS on Tuesday, November 5 at 9:00 p. to show its commitment to bringing the best in pet photography and entertainment to a wider audience,” said CW CEO Mark Pedow.

“This show will give you a glimpse into how pets can be used to create a personalized and unique pet experience.

And the CW network will have a special celebration of the wedding day with CVS.”

A teaser video for WEDERDEST will air before the show’s premiere.

“Meet Judy, Dollywood and Dollywood!” says Judy, holding up a cheetahs paw and pointing to a cheeto.

“These three adorable little animals are the reason why we decided to buy our new home in New York City,” she says.

“They are the perfect pets to bring to your wedding.”

“Meet Dollywood, and D-doodle-doodles-d-dolly!” says Dolly.

“Dolly is the perfect pet for your wedding, and this cute, little bunny is sure to be a hit.”

“And the perfect addition to the ceremony will be Dolly’s adorable little sister, D-Dolly-doo-dol.”

The show premieres on CBS on Wednesday, November 17 at 9 pm.