When does the NHL trade deadline end? It could happen as soon as tomorrow. (Hockey Night in Canada)

With the NHL set to officially close out its 2016-17 regular season with a playoff berth locked up and a full roster stocked for next season, NHL general managers and their agents are making the last-minute decisions on when to begin preparing for the trade deadline, which starts on Tuesday at 3 p.m.


The deadline for teams to move players is set at 5 p.M.

ET on Jan. 1, meaning a few teams could still be able to add a player during the season without having to make a move.

However, many of the teams that could still make a splash this week have already made moves to address some of the biggest needs.

With that in mind, we decided to go through the trade-deadline scenarios to see how it’s shaping up and what the trade market could look like as the deadline approaches.

If the NHL were to move the players it has on the ice for the 2017-18 season, who would they be?1.

Detroit Red Wings2.

Buffalo Sabres3.

Florida Panthers4.

Ottawa Senators5.

New York Islanders6.

Philadelphia Flyers7.

New Jersey Devils8.

Ottawa Blue Jackets9.

St. Louis Blues10.

Winnipeg Jets11.

Los Angeles Kings12.

Columbus Blue Jackets13.

Arizona Coyotes14.

Anaheim Ducks15.

Winnipeg Sharks16.

San Jose Sharks17.

Calgary Flames18.

Nashville Predators19.

Winnipeg Kings20.

Ottawa Capitals21.

Boston Bruins22.

Philadelphia Rangers23.

Edmonton Oilers24.

Vancouver Canucks25.

Columbus Hurricanes26.

Detroit Panthers27.

Toronto Maple Leafs28.

Columbus Red Wings29.

Nashville Blue Jackets30.

Calgary Jets31.

Florida Marlies32.

Philadelphia Senators33.

Edmonton Oil Kings34.

Los Altos Rangers35.

Anaheim Kings36.

San Antonio Rampage37.

Florida Kings38.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers39.

Nashville Coyotes40.

Boston Red Wings41.

Chicago Blackhawks42.

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The trade deadline is tomorrow!

(HOCKEY NATION) article After a long offseason, it’s finally time to get to work for teams that have made significant additions in the past year or two.

In the NHL’s trade market, some of these teams have the potential to make huge impacts for the next several years.1.

Edmonton – Edmonton has plenty of talent, but its also been a hotbed of speculation regarding whether the team can turn a significant amount of that talent into an impact player.

The Oilers, who have the NHL draft pick this year, are set to add center Justin Schultz and defenseman Ryan McDonagh, while also getting veteran defenseman Alex Pietrangelo and forward Nick Jensen.

In addition, the team has a first-round pick in 2020 and two second-round picks in 2021 and 2022.2.

Boston – The Bruins have an incredible amount of talent on their roster and are expected to add an impact forward, a top defenseman, and a top winger.

They have been linked to defenseman Ryan Kesler, who is expected to be traded by the Pittsburgh Penguins this summer, as well as defenseman Jakub Zboril, who has been a topic of interest to the Chicago Blackhawks and Dallas Stars.

The Bruins also have a second-rounder in 2020, and three third-round selections in 2021, 2022, and 2023.3.

New Orleans – The Stars have the third-best payroll in the league at $89.9 million.

Their depth is what makes them a potential threat to teams with the money to acquire talent, and they also have one of the best young goaltenders in the game in Antti Niemi.

The Stars also have some intriguing prospects in their pipeline, including forward Connor McDavid and defenseman Nikita Zadorov.4.

Philadelphia – The Flyers have a few young players that could have a big impact in the near future, including defenseman Ivan Provorov and forward Brandon Manning.

Provoromov is the Flyers’ leading scorer this season with 33 points, while Manning is a second unit option for the Flyers.5.

Toronto – The Maple Leafs have a plethora of prospects, but most of them are young and are likely to be on the trade block in the coming months.

Forward Josh Leivo and defenseman Anthony Duclair, who are both unrestricted free agents, have already been linked.6.

Nashville – The Predators have a number of young forwards on their books, including goalie Filip Forsberg and defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen.

The team also has a young center in defenseman P.K. Subban, and some of their top prospects, including forwards Auston Matthews and Leon Draisaitl, could be available for trade.7.

Florida – The Panthers have an impressive depth chart and a strong prospect pipeline, and it’s unclear if they’ll have the cap space to make another significant splash in the next few years. They