Why your next smartphone may be the one that lets you print on the go

A new gadget from the smartphone giant, Google, could make it easier for people to print photos and documents on their phones.

The device is a mini-photography printer, and it can be attached to any smartphone that supports Google Glass.

The printer itself is a small piece of metal that can attach to a smartphone’s frame.

Once attached, the printer can print out photos, documents, and other digital files.

The Google Glass-enabled phone could then scan the photos and print them out on the printer.

The printing could then be shared with someone who’s using Google Glass, or someone else who has the device, so that other people could see and print photos on the device.

The feature isn’t limited to smartphones.

The camera of the new printer is also capable of printing photos in 3D, so Google can also add support for the feature in the future.

We’ve also heard rumors that Google Glass could also support a printing feature that works with photos.

Google says that the feature will be “available soon,” but Google Glass isn’t currently in production.

We’ll have to wait until the Google Glass 2 to see if Google Glass 3 is ready for prime time.

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