How Epson got a 3D printer and made money off the back of its success

3D printing is booming, with over 400 new companies being founded each year.

But for those that aren’t already working with the technology, there’s still a lot of information out there about how it works and where it’s going.

Epson, for example, is an online printer company that specializes in making 3D printers.

The company sells a number of different models including a printer that allows users to print items ranging from Lego models to cars, furniture and more.

It all started back in 2012 when Epson had to buy a 3d printer to make a few items, like a Lego model and a couple of chairs, for their own business.

But, after some back and forth with Epson, it was decided that the company could create a cheaper model, called the Epson Printr3, which it eventually sold for $50.

Epons chief financial officer Adam Muhlstein told me that the printer has been a success.

He said the company had about a 100 customers at the time of its purchase and has been growing at an annual rate of about 10%.

Muhls father started printing with Epons 3D Printers in 2009 and it was a huge success.

The first printer that Epson sold to a customer was a printer from a company called Digital Forge, which was sold to Epons in 2014.

Digital Forge, in turn, was acquired by a company that went on to become Makerbot, which then sold the printer to Epson.

Muhlsteins dad also sold his 3D Printer to Epon, but that company didn’t do much with the printer.

The new company, Epson Printing, took the printer and developed a product that was much more refined.

The printer has a very sleek and futuristic design that is meant to look like a real object rather than just a printer.

Epson says that it can print up to 60,000 parts per minute and prints on the “greenest material on earth.”

The company says that its printers are able to produce up to 70% of the parts on an order, making them cheaper and more affordable than the printers from Digital Forge and Makerbot. 

Epson says its printer has the capacity to produce a print at up to 65% of its cost.

Epson is hoping to become a major player in the 3D Printing market, with the company now having over 400 customers and an annual growth rate of 30%.

The company says it’s using the money from the sale of its 3D Printr 3 to help support other smaller 3D print companies.

In total, Epon says it has raised more than $40 million in venture capital and is looking to raise $70 million in funding.

I reached out to Epworth Printing for comment and will update this post if and when we hear back.

[Image via Epson]