This $9,000 printer turns a $2,000 camera into a $20,000 laser printer

It looks like a toy, but it’s actually a $3 million laser printer that uses sublimation to print images on the screen.

It was unveiled at this year’s International Photographic Society conference in Dubai and was designed by a Canadian company called Leopard Print.

It’s the second-most expensive laser printer in the world.

Its makers say it’s the fastest, most cost-effective and most versatile laser printer on the market.

The Leopard Print team says it has a “zero-effort” design, which means it’s capable of printing just about any image at any resolution.

Its creators say they can print the images of the stars in the night sky, for example, and they can even print the stars of the zodiac.

The laser printer is not cheap.

It costs around $3,000 to produce an image.

It takes about three hours to print the full size image.

It’s also not the most efficient laser printer.

Its performance is slower than the one used in most other printers.

It only prints in black and white, and its output takes about 10 hours to finish.

The company says the Leopard Print is the most advanced, cost-efficient and versatile laser in the market today.

Its creators say its performance is faster than other laser printers, but slower than other printers, and it takes about two weeks to finish the full-size image.