How to buy the Kindle Paperwhite 2,800 miles away

Kobo has just updated its Kindle PaperWhite 2.0 smartphone with the option to add a new Kindle e-reader, and it has done so with the new Kindles new Google Assistant app.

The company has also added an additional 2,000 miles to the Google Maps-powered navigation interface.

You can also now find the new e-readers at Barnes & Noble stores.

The Paperwhite 1,000-mile range Kindle Paperfire 2 was released last year, but it did not include Google Assistant, and there was no mention of Amazon’s new product.

The new Google Maps is still available, but with Google Assistant you’ll be able to ask for directions to your favorite coffee shop or to a particular store.

Kobo and Amazon have announced that they’re working on a companion Android app to the Kindle, though the timing is unclear.